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  • Sherri (Miller) Butterfield, Writer and Editor, November 2016
    My husband Marion and I enjoyed hearing your students entertain during the event for Mayor Steven Choi at the Momentous Sports Center on November 1. Both of my granddaughters have studied piano, so I have an appreciation for the effort that is required to learn to play well.
  • Jeanne' Gauthier, Director of Marketing/Client Services, THE MOMENTOUS SPORTS CENTER, November 2016
    Thank you so much for providing the entertainment for the Mayor's Rally. Your students did an amazing job in their performances. We will certainly remember to use you for any future events we may have. Thank you again for the beautiful evening of entertainment that you provided.
  • Fara C, January 2013
    Stella is all about music and sharing her increadible knowledge. Love her passion for what she does.
  • Shannon, January 2013
    Stella is a brillant, creative teacher. She has a terrific rapport with her students and uses multi-modality teaching to nurture musical talent. My 6-year-old daughter said "She is a creative, loving person and she teaches very well"
  • Ruth T, January 2013
    My daughter has been taking lesson since July 2012... I am amazed how much she has learned in just a short amount of time. I am even more surprised how much she looks forward to lessons. Decision to go with OC Music School has been the best. There are professional pianists who can play but there are those who can play AND teach. I believe Stella has the ability to do just that. Her teaching method makes it fun and encourages the students to love playing the piano.
  • Ismael Mendoza
    Just a few months ago I started looking for music lessons for my Son. He attends Special Education in our school district, and I thought the teacher would have to be a very Special Teacher as well. It wasn't long before my search brought me to Ms. Stella's Website, and we are so glad I made that call and talked to her. By the third week, He could not wait for me to park the car and get on with the lesson! He is now playing single note melodies, and absorbing the material very quickly. He sits at the piano on his own and practices his assignments diligently. I know this sounds just like a normal kid would do, if it wasn't that he is Special and has always needed a lot of prompting and help in focusing his attention to any task. Ms. Stella has been instrumental in teaching him focus and concentration, she has a remarkable ability to discern what it is that makes a student respond positively. We are very happy we found Stella, and are very grateful she accepted to teach our Son. I highly recommend her as a music teacher!
  • Thuy Vu-Le
    Our two children were introduced to 'music' and the piano by Miss Stella almost four years ago. Our son had just turned 5 and daughter was 8 years old. From what we now know, we are so glad we started them with lessons years ago - and actually wished it was even earlier. Kids are like sponges, the earlier they are introduced to new things, the more and faster they are able to absorb what is being taught. We also learned that they do not need to know how to read to learn music - it's really a different language. Miss Stella has been an informative, dedicated and passionate teacher. These traits are consistently shown at every lesson. We truly believe that our children would not be playing as well as they do if they had not been under the guidance of Miss Stella. With Miss Stella's high expectations and persistence, they continue to learn that discipline (practice) is required to achieve results. She is a real MUSIC teacher!
  • Sumana Mukhopadhyay
    Our son Ankur has been taking lessons from Ms. Stella for 3 yrs. We started when he was 5 and now he is 8.Ms. Stella has a talent for working with students of all ages and abilities. She is able to make learning fun for the younger students, and does a great job of keeping her students engaged and interested as they move up. Stella�s work with her students is impressive - what talent! When we started Ankur's lessons with Stella we lived 15 miles away from her house, but currently we stay 50 miles away but we are still continuing with her every Saturday !!! She is that good and worth the drive !! Above and beyond her teaching abilities, we are thankful that Stella has been a positive role model and this year we are also planning to start with our 4yr old too.
  • Sonali S.
    My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Stella for about 8 months. She is an excellent teacher with a strong understanding of theory and techniques. But what impressed us more was how wonderful she is with children. She understands each child's unique personality and will mold the lesson to fit the child's individual needs. She is aware that all children will go through a phase where they get stuck. She finds creative and unusual ways for children to overcome these blocks. She has a generous and kind personality and loves working with children. Her lessons are fun, but also challenging. My daughter has truly blossomed under Stella, not only in terms of her piano skills, but also in terms of her personality. She is confident and excited about recitals and performing in front of crowds rather than being intimidated or nervous. We are truly lucky to have found Stella.
  • Alberta Ferris
    Good afternoon, I understand if this seem seems out of the blue but I wanted to say thank you for putting together all the fantastic music resources on your website. My name is Alberta and I am an elementary music teacher from the Morgantown Elementary School in the Cleary Mountain School District, VA. We're currently working on a "Music In Our Everday Lives" project in our class and your website has been so helpful to us... so thank you!
  • April 2011
    Miss Stella's talent, passion, enthusiasm and love of music is apparent even during the first lesson. Her ability to engage the student and keep them motivated and eager to practice, improve and grow confident with every piece mastered, is astonishing to watch during every lesson. My daughter is 5 years old and has been playing the piano for only 9 months now, but she has already learned that she can accomplish anything through practice, a lesson I hope she will carry through life. Miss Stella is strict and serious with her students, but one could never tell with the amount of fun the students have during her lessons.
  • April 2011
    Miss Stella is an excellent piano teacher and great with kids. She understands the ability of each child and works with them accordingly . She has a strong sense of techniques and theory and finds creative ways to instill those within her students. My son started with her when he was 5 yrs. and with Miss Stella's constant guidance and persistence he came to not only learn piano but love playing too. She is really a very good piano teacher.
  • April 2011
    Ms. Stella is an experienced music instructor who is PASSIONATE about her role and takes her work seriously. She is definitely not the average teacher but one who strives for results! We've been with her for piano lessons for 4 years and highly recommend her if you want to learn MUSIC, not just play an instrument.
“ I sit down to the piano regularly at nine-o'clock in the morning and Mesdames les Muses have learned to be on time for that rendezvous. ”

- Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Did you know?

That the average medium size piano has about 230 strings, each string having about 165 pounds of tension, with the combined pull of all strings equaling approximately eighteen tons!

In spite of the fact that the average piano has about 230 strings, it is considered a percussion instrument. Symphony orchestra's consider it part of the percussion section.
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